Evolve Psych Group Services


One on one counseling begins with what is called an “intake session.”  Here, you will help us paint a picture of your life.  Our trained therapists will ask questions that will help her/him gain a better understanding of your past, present, and goals for your future. Collaboratively, you and your therapist will set “mile markers” along the way.  We help guide you to your goals by deeply exploring your inner self and empower you to handle your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors on your own, outside of session.  


At Evolve, our goal is to help couples decrease conflict, feelings of resentment and anger, and increase communication and understanding. We teach couples to speak in effective and productive ways that help open up the lines of communication, instead of shutting them down. We aim to increase emotional connectedness and intimacy in a safe and secure environment, which puts you back in control of your relationship and happiness. 


This can be one of the most challenging times for both teens and parents.  Many times, during the adolescence phase of life, conflicts arise that caregivers are not used to, and therefore, are not equipped to face.  This can create a very tense environment for the entire family. At times, it can seem intolerable and the thought of continue on this way it too unbearable.  Evolve’s therapists can help.


Is your child struggling with behavior problems or having emotional difficulties that you don’t know how to handle? Rest assured that Evolve can help you navigate this difficult time. Dealing with problems as they arise in childhood is paramount to your kid’s lasting development and happiness. Raising children in today’s society is one of the most important things we will ever do. That can be quite overwhelming and taxing, especially when your child acts out in ways that scare, sadden, disturb, or anger.


At Evolve, we can help with a variety of parenting issues and conflict.  We offer speciality services with emphasis in several areas including: adjusting to being a new parent, parenting during a separation/post-divorce, parent-child relationship problems, and conflicts in parenting between couples who are married.  Call us now so we can find someone who is the best fit for you.  


Psychological assessments are required before you will be cleared for your decision to have bariatric surgery.  This is required for your insurance to cover the costs of your procedure.  Even those who are not utilizing their medical insurance may be required by their surgeon to undergo a psychological assessment. 


Are you experiencing a personal or family crisis and feel you need to talk to a counselor now?  Call us and we can assess your needs and see you virtually.  At times, we will even be able to see you in our office.  This service is for those experiencing a conflict that they feel cannot wait for their scheduled session time.  If you have not been seen by us before we can still help.   This service is NOT for those who are in immediate danger.  If you feel unsafe go to your local emergency room or call 911.