Individual Therapy


Your therapist will explain the limits of confidentiality, ensuring you understand when and how information may be shared. This helps create a safe and open enviornment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to discuss the issues or challenges that led you to counseling. Your therapist will ask about your goals for therapy and what you hope to achieve. Our clinicians will spend time getting to know you, asking about your background, family, and current circumstances. This helps establish a sense of trust and rapport.

Weekly therapy sessions can vary greatly depending on your needs and the goals set for therapy. Generally speaking, the session often begins with a chick-in to see how you have been since the last session. You and your therapist may discuss current issues and explore the underlying meaning behind these experiences. Together, you will focus on skill-building, emotional processing, and problem-solving. Often, your therapist will provide you with feedback through reflection based on your conversation. Sessions typically end with setting goals for next session prior to closure. We are here for you every step of the way!