Couples Therapy


  • We aim to hear the perspectives and goals of BOTH parties. 

  • We aim to understand what originally attracted you to one another. Sometimes, revisiting this, even in the initial session, can spark the couple to begin to remember what it felt like to feel in love with each other. 

  • We do everything we can to gather a background and understanding of your story.  
  • Our couples therapists will always remind you that there is hope that you both can have your needs met, and to ultimately feel in love and happy. 

  • We will provide both individuals with tools to start using RIGHT AWAY

  • Throughout the process we aim to heal these issues, which will put each of you in a position to collaboratively establish goals for your relationship. 

Our therapists will take a detailed inventory on each of you.  This helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses, and also gives us a picture of your love languages.  We will dive right into pressing issues and whatever traumas have occurred in the relationship.  Throughout the process we aim to heal these issues which puts each of you in a position to collaboratively establish goals for your relationship. 

  • Decreasing conflict–too much fighting and even bickering can weigh on both individuals and the relationship as a whole.  
  • Improving communication–more often than not, both parties feel unheard, not listened to, or flat out misunderstood.  Communication that is effective leaves everyone feeling satisfied and validated. 
  • Strengthening emotional connection–feel like roommates?  Life can become mundane and this oftentimes makes our relationship feel stale and boring.  Stress on one party can make the remaining party feel unimportant and unloved.  Genuine love should always come before anything else.  We teach you how to focus on love and respect first and foremost.  
  • Enhancing sexual satisfaction– many couples believe they are struggling strictly sexually.  Rarely is this the case, although it can happen. More likely though, something else on this list is the more pressing matter,  and as that resolves, the sexual satisfaction increases. 
  • Resolving values differences–do you feel like you can’t get on the same page with your partner?  Sometimes, we have very different core values, which can pose serious problems to any relationship.  Getting this resolved is one of the most important things in making a relationship work, and last.  Our therapists will work with you to determine whether or not you can “jive” together as hard life circumstances arise.