For Parents & Families

Parenting is probably the hardest job any of us will ever have.  It is also the most rewarding.  When our kids are happy and well-adjusted, we know we have done something right! This universal goal can be barricading by an array of different problems. 


Peaceful parenting can be difficult to accomplish when you’re at odds with your child’s other parent.  Communication can be difficult to say the least when we do not get along with our ex-partner.  However, endless research has shown that children of divorce can not only do well but, thrive when their parents learn to put their own “stuff” aside for the sake of their children.  Easier said than done, we know!  Here at Evolve, we have specialists who can work with you both together and separately to work toward the common goal of raising happy kids. We even incorporate children in the process and make sure you are on the path to figuring out what your post-divorce family will look like.  This can be one of the hardest periods of your life.  We understand that, and we can help. 

It is no secret to seasoned parents that life with kids can involve some challenges.  Our parent coaching sessions are designed for those who are about to become parents or have recently welcomed their bundle of joy.  These sessions are also beneficial to those couples who are or who have welcomed an additional child.  The family structure is changing and that can be difficult for both adults and children to adjust to. 

Having a strained relationship with your child at any age can make us feel like failures as parents.  Conflict and head-butting can be frustrating and stressful.  We work with you to help you cope, and to develop a plan for a more harmonious environment for everyone involved.  Commonly, as parents, we go through phases in each state of our child’s life that can be overwhelmingly difficult.  We have pros that specialize in difficult babies, toddlers, young children, tweens/pre-teens, and teens.  We can help you reach your goals no matter what your parenting needs are.  We collaborate with the entire family to process conflict, make decisions, and validiate one another’s feelings. Parenthood should be something rewarding and enjoyable.  We believe that family and family communication is one of the biggest predictors of how children view themselves and others.  It all begins at home.  Let us in!

  • At Evolve, we discuss difficult issues you are dealing with. We look at all aspects of your relationships with your partner/ex-partner/new partner, and your children.  
  • Collaboration to establish your goals will be a top priority throughout your sessions.  We work to make sure everyone’s needs are heard, validated, and incorporated. 
  • We provide support while you make decisions that may be difficult for your family.  We also have on-demand virtual sessions for high conflict/crises times. We become involved in all areas that you’ll allow us. We find that that the more you let us in, the more we can do.  There is nothing to be ashamed of. 
  • We provide a loving support system for children adapting to familial changes of any sort. This could be learning to live between two households, adjusting to a move and step-family, learning to love a new biological sibling, medical issues a parent or sibling may be dealing with that changes their known way of life, and a variety of other challenges.  
  • We help parents collaborate and identify decisions that need to be made for households that are newly separated or, those who have been dealing with conflict since separation. Some examples include, tech-time limits, bed times, food, religion/place of worship, exposure to a new partner, etc. 
  • We work with the entire family to establish and agree on appropriate boundaries and behaviors. 
  • Perhaps most importantly, we help you create amicable relationships with all adults involed in your family structure.  Do not let adult problems create childhood problems! Let us help you!