Alisa Collins, B.A.

Education Specialist & Group Facilitator

Hi! My name is Alisa Collins. I am a special education teacher and have been working in the school system for 9 years. I love all things Disney, coffee, and Australian Shepards. I enjoy quality time and getting to spend that time with people I love. I enjoy making connections and building relationships. I am looking forward to getting to know you!

I will be facilitating our summer groups and offering individual academic tutoring and coaching for those with any concern, including but not limited to: difficulty with learning comprehension, learning disorders, ADHD, neurodivergence, spectrum related disorders, academic anxiety, etc. 

Fun facts about Alisa- I love pilates and walking my dog, I grew up by the ocean and could spend hours by the water, and I love popcorn and M&M’s… mixed together!