Bariatric Consultation:

Physicians, surgeons, and insurance carriers require this because extensive research has proven that those who are better prepared for their surgery have more success during their recovery and post-surgical journey.   Topics that are discussed during this evaluation include your readiness for change, level of motivation, past and present eating habits, and your physical strengths and limitations. 

After your assessment, you are not required to move forward with on-going therapy sessions.  However, we highly recommend that you continue.  Those who have support during their weight loss process are statistically shown to not only adjust to the life changes that come with surgery better, but also maintain their weight loss and emotional health.  Past experiences oftentimes contribute to the dysfunctional eating habits you were struggling with.  While surgery can sometimes help with this, it is important for you to realize that it is not the end-all solution.  Your emotional well-being will require you to deal with those issues head on.  Exploring, processing, and resolving these problems will ensure the best possible outcomes for you. 

Your counselor at Evolve wants the best for you!  We will be there for you throughout the entire process. We help you manage your feelings, stress, and fears pre and post surgery so you can feel happy and free. We are so excited for this journey you are about to embark on!  You are so close to being on your path to a happy and healthy life!